nobody puts gigi in the remote control drawer

The other night we could not find gigi at bed time. This is a cause for great concern. We looked under everything, behind everything, in every pile. Ruby was sobbing "I need gigi to sleep". We tried to sub gigi out with "new gigi" but that was a no-go.

I had a mama intuition and opened up the drawer in the coffee table where we hide the remote controls. Somebody put gigi in there. So far nobody is fessing up.

Poor gigi.


sorry but gigi is busy

First of all his portrait is up on the wall of the Uncommon Grounds in Albany, NY in an art show by the lovely Jen Haley. She will paint your custom toy portrait if you like! This makes him feel giddy but he is also the center of buzz and attention which keeps him quite busy.

If you are in the Albany area and you can check out the show it is running from May 12 to June 23. Then in December 09 in the Saratoga Springs, NY Uncommon Grounds.

When gigi is not appearing in art shows he helps out in the kitchen.


happy birthday great gramps

Today is great gramps' birthday! Later on we will go to his house that he shares with great mammy and we will have a party! We get to wear our fancy dress and Ruby will be bringing her new digital camera to capture gigi + gramps. Look for updates later!


gigi will have his portrait painted

Gigi is very excited. He is going to have a one of a kind Gigi portrait painted! Jennifer Haley, a local mom and friend has been commissioned and we can't wait to hang this very treasured art in Ruby's room!


making newspaper hats

Pop-Pop was over and taught Gigi and Ruby how to make newspaper hats. It was a lot of fun!